The Cabin Residence is an substance and process addiction treatment service
that focuses on achieving recovery for a single client through a tailor-made treatment programme
created by a personal team of top-tier addiction treatment specialists and delivered in exquisite settings with the utmost confidentiality.

Part of the globally-renowned The Cabin Addition Services Group, recognised in the industry for providing highly-effective behavioral health and addiction treatment services; The Cabin Residence is the group’s high-end offering for high net-worth individuals suffering from addiction to such things as alcohol and prescription drugs, or process addictions such as sex or gambling, as well as related co-occurring disorders  such as anxiety, bi-polar, depression and trauma.  The Cabin Residence caters to leading business people, celebrities, royalty and other high-profile individuals seeking modern, holistic and completely personalised treatment in a luxurious setting far removed from their triggers.

For the ultimate recovery experience, The Cabin Residence combines the highest caliber one-on-one addiction and mental wellness treatment with a lavish yet secure environment; where a client’s every concern and need are met by a host of professionally trained support staff – including a nurse, personal trainer, yoga and mindfulness instructor, masseuse, private chef, chauffer and security personnel. Thailand’s top addiction psychiatrist is on 24 hour call for medical emergencies, while a member of our clinical support staff is on site around the clock.

Of course, the true value of The Cabin Residence service lies in our highly-effective, personalised master treatment plan – put together by a team of multi-disciplinary clinical experts to integratively address every aspect of a client’s psychological and physiological needs. Treatment is also administered by this same team to ensure optimum efficacy. The treatment methods we employ have been developed by The Cabin Addiction Services Group over years of successfully treating alcohol, substance and process addictions. All our clinical team members are licensed professionals who possess years of experience in the field.

Treatment is delivered in the most exclusive residences available in the stunning far north of Thailand or could even be taken to the client’s location of choice.