The Cabin Residence offers a comprehensive range of addiction treatment services ranging
from initial assessment, detox and primary treatment right through to relapse prevention, secondary care and aftercare. All these elements of treatment are tailored to the specific needs of each client;
no two programmes are the same.

Sober Escorts

Sober escorts are available to come to where you are and escort you back to Thailand and into treatment. Undergoing treatment in Thailand has numerous advantages. Northern Thailand is a peaceful and beautiful location with a centuries-old history of healing. Removal from your triggers back home, Thailand’s famous reputation for service and the privacy of our location also combine to make Thailand the right choice.


Many times an individual suffering from addiction may not be aware of the severity of their illness or be in denial of it. And all the pleading and cajoling of well-intentioned family members or loved ones to seek help may fall on deaf years. This is when an intervention conducted by a professional interventionist is necessary. The Cabin Residence’s career interventionists have years of experience in successful mediation – this includes coaching family members beforehand as well as facilitating the event. We can send an interventionist to your home to ensure your loved one receives the treatment they need before their addiction takes a turn for the worse.

Personalised Primary Treatment

Addiction is a chronic disease of the brain that requires intensive psychological treatment to overcome, as well as medical detoxification in the case of certain substance addictions which cause the individual to develop a physical dependence.

At The Cabin Residence, after a thorough assessment of the client our medical, psychological and physiological treatment experts will collaborate to create a unique treatment plan that comprehensively addresses every diagnosed issue. However, in general treatment is made up of two main elements:

 Alcohol and substance detox

During a client’s alcohol or substance detox, they will be under the close supervision of medical team which is on-site around the clock and led by Thailand’s top detox specialist, Dr Suttipan. Medication for detox, withdrawal symptoms and any accompanying health issues will be responsibly prescribed on a case by case basis.

 Psychological treatment

Psychological treatment is performed using a modern, intelligent, physical and holistic treatment model called Recovery Zones – for which we have been commended by the global addiction community. It combines the most-effective known addiction treatment methods, such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), 12 Step principles and Mindfulness, into a programme that yields results faster than the original methods.

 Relapse Prevention

Relapse prevention is the ability to draw on various tools and techniques designed to help people with drug and alcohol addictions from falling back into using again. During treatment, our addiction experts will help the client to understand their own addiction and its underlying causes. Then, through various therapies, they will teach him/her methods to change their behavior, as well as develop specific tools and techniques to help cope with stressful situations that may lead to relapse.

Family Therapy

family-therapyAddiction affects the whole family, and there is much evidence today to support the fact that involving a client’s family in treatment leads to more effective outcomes for the addict in terms of lasting recovery. Hence family therapy is an important part of our treatment method, where we first educate and then integrate the family members into their loved one’s treatment plan for a two-three day period.


We also offer a unique online aftercare programme that is compulsory to attend during the first eight weeks after leaving The Cabin Residence. It is also accessible to all former clients for however long they feel that they require our professional support. Benefits include:

  • Continuity of treatment – addiction is a lifelong disease and treatment should not end when you leave rehab
  • The personal touch of seeing a counsellor face-to-face
  • Regular and easy access to professional help
  • Helps deal with PAW (Post-Acute Withdrawal Symptoms), which are significant in early recovery

Clients can avail themselves of our:

28 Day Accelerated Programme / 60 Day / 90 Day Recovery Programme / Tailored-duration Programme

Treatment programme components include

  • Addiction treatment – For alcohol addiction and substance addiction as well as behavourial addictions such as sex, gambling, overeating and more.
  • Individual care – Aside from regular consultation with the doctor-in-residence, clients are attended to by their own personal team of clinical and support staff.
  • Physical therapy– Conducted in the form of personal training by our highly-experienced team of fitness instructors who have an in-depth understanding of the fitness issues faced by addicts.
  • Family therapy – Education about addiction, Resident family therapy sessions, family+ client therapy sessions.
  • Weekly excursions – Learning to enjoy life again without alcohol and other substances is an important part of the recovery process. Sunday trips are conducted to popular tourist destination, and once a week clients are taken off-site for sporting activities.