The team at The Cabin Residence is comprised of a highly skilled and credentialed team of addiction experts with years of experience treating the disease of addiction. Many of the staff are in recovery themselves so they understand first-hand the nature of the disease and how it is best treated.
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Alastair Mordey

Programme Director of The Cabin Addiction Services Group

Alastair Mordey (BA Hons, FDAP), is a certified and accredited addiction counsellor. He has over a decade of experience working in all four tiers of the UK’s treatment system, from detox to aftercare.

In 2010, Alastair was the main speaker at the National Treatment Agency’s annual conference in the UK, where he presented findings from his pilot project that involved using cardiovascular sports as therapy for people with addiction problems in North East London. His model was adopted as the national model for health in long-term addiction recovery.

Later in 2010, Alastair co-founded the Cabin Chiang Mai in northern Thailand, a fifty bed treatment facility which pioneers the use of Recovery Zones as an ‘all addictions’ model to treat both chemical and process addictions. Using CBT terminology to impart 12 Step abstinence principles, The Cabin’s programme is based on the findings of the American Society of Addiction Medicines’ 2011 public policy document on the latest research into addiction. It features secular language in a culturally sensitive environment that is dedicated to achieving lasting results in a short time frame.

In 2011, Alastair also began training the Treatment System Teams at Thailand’s state-run Thanyarak Hospitals in in the use of CBT and 12 Step facilitation for substance users, and now works closely with the Office of Narcotics Control Board (ONCB) in Bangkok.

Alastair writes on addiction for several publications including Drink Drug News, CNN, and Asian Correspondent as well as features regularly on radio, TV and at speaking engagements and conferences both in the South East Asia and back home in the West.

Lee Vallis

Addiction Psychologist

Lee Vallis is a registered psychologist with the British Psychological Society. He entered the field of addictions after developing a range of harm minimisation services aimed at curbing transmission rates of HIV and Hepatitis in the UK during the mid ‘90s. Lee commenced his training as a psychologist in 2001 reading Behavioural Science at Anglia Ruskin University before undertaking postgraduate training with the Open University and then went on to specialise in Addiction at the University of Bath. A keen academic and researcher, Lee has worked in a broad range of national and international therapeutic settings as well as delivered high quality substance misuse treatment for both charitable organisations and private facilities including The Priory in the UK.

An advocate of the clinical applications of group therapy in the treatment of addiction, Lee has worked in private practice to both increase the availability of group therapy in the UK and to enhance the clinical competencies of therapists by providing clinical training and supervision in the delivery and analysis of group therapy. Lee specialises in the delivery of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy in his work with clients at The Cabin. His clinical interests include the development of effective treatment interventions within The Cabin’s luxury Residenceial setting that both deliver clinically effective outcomes and enduring positive change in clients’ lives.

Rupert Jackson

Mindfulness Coach

Rupert is a certified yoga instructor who has been practicing and teaching different forms of yoga in Europe, Canada, India, Kenya and now Thailand since 2001. He initially trained under “Yoga Arts”, (Louisa Sear) with 500 hours accredited by Yoga Alliance; and since then has worked with many of the world’s greatest teachers including Tod Norian, Michael Carroll, Katherine Schaeffer, Seane Corn, and Swami Anasakti.

Rupert’s classes teach a Vinyasa flow style that is influenced by the Anusara and Vipasana schools. They incorporate some meditation and pranayama (breath control) into the practice with the hope that yoga can be accessible to all, whatever level.

Yoga is a way of life and through discipline and dedication the results can be immense, allowing the mind to shift from the chaotic to the restful, as well as incredible emotional and physical wellbeing. The use of Vinyasa flow whilst holding poses, combined with skill in alignment and therapeutics, enable clients to progress quickly and safely. This in turn allows them to deepen their practice, become stronger, more flexible and more present in their everyday life.

Having recently completed a 300 hour training in Yoga therapeutics – he also works with the client, designing a specific practice regime that includes Yogic practices, lifestyle routine and recommendations that can create balance, wholeness and ultimately help achieve a state of wellbeing and contentedness.

Andrew Leach


Andy is a first class honours graduate of London University. He has a certificate in counselling skills having trained in psychodynamic counselling at the Westminster Foundation and has worked in the field of addiction since 1999.

Andy has experience of one-to-one counselling, group work and project management. He has developed an extensive relapse prevention programme for The Cabin, and also oversees the operation of The Cabin Sober Living Programme in Chiang Mai.

Previously, Andy worked in Film and Television and brings a creative flair to his current role at the Cabin. He also has an enduring passion for recovery and life.